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 Sophie Woodville Ducom

Executive Director

French-American native, born and raised in Bordeaux, France with roots in Oregon, USA, Sophie arrived in the Bay Area in 2012. Sophie started working at the FACCSF as Events & PR manager and was appointed Executive Director in April 2013. Before moving to California, Sophie worked during the first 6 years of her career in several PR and Events agencies in Paris.   

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Laurence Fabre

Deputy Director

Since her arrival in the Bay Area in 2014, Laurence has helped the development of several start up in the US and worked for the FACCSF. Before moving to California, she worked during 4 years as an Intellectual property lawyer for an international Law firm in Paris. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed in the Bay Area.   

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Nelly Saïdou

Event Manager

Nelly is in charge of all the events of the FACCSF, including La Soirée and the FABA!.

Before coming to San Francisco, she was Event Manager in a French organization which advocates ‘smart mobility’ at a national scale and was Event Coordinator in different fields (art association, event agency, press group, etc.). 

Passionate about art activities, intercultural/cross-cultural relationships and international food, she is very enthusiastic about this new American adventure!

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Elaine Guillon

Program Manager

Elaine is in charge of program management for the FACCSF, including relations with members, business development and corporate services (J-1 visas, recruitment center, business center and all the settlement support issues). Prior to that, she worked in Marketing and Logistics in France and in San Francisco.

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Anne Laporte

Operations Assistant

Anne arrived in the US in 2013, she is a San Francisco lover and enjoys discovering the city. Before that she used to work as a store manager and then went back to school to pass a HR degree. She oversees all back-office operations for the FACCSF, including relations with members and recruitment center. She brings her administrative experiences as an Operations Assistant. Prior to work at the FACCSF, she has been a volunteer at the chamber for almost a year. If you need any information regarding the Chamber, she is the one!

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Alice Brisset

Communication Coordinator

Alice is in charge of all communications for the FACCSF. She brings her strong and various professional experiences in both USA and France as a marketing intern at an eBusiness consulting firm here in San Francisco and as a communications manager in a bank in France. Passionate about reading and traveling, she is looking forward to making new connections and experiences. 

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