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The FACCSF is a platform for French and American business leaders to meet, discuss common interest, exchange ideas, explore business opportunities and develop entrepreneurial initiatives.

Our 7 Committees are perfect to meet and work with other decision makers from your industry.

Interested in joining a Committee? Please reach out to us!


Committee Co-Chairs: Ms. Eve Chaurand, and Ms. Nolwenn Godard, PayPal

The FAWEC Committee is intended for a community of business leaders and women executives. We want to provide a space with high quality networking and opportunities to grow for women. The committee has chosen to keep it strictly for executive women within companies that do not provide services.

Learn more about the FAWEC committee, both options and get involved: find all the details here.

Option 1: FAWEC Large Circle
Content: 3 to 4 dinners / year with the full group and a keynote speaker
    o Be a corporate member of the FACCSF
    o Enroll in the FAWEC large circle program: read the requirements & commitment here.
    o Membership entrepreneur minimum (if you are already a member through your company, no additional memership required)
    o Annual FAWEC Large Circle fee: $250, covering the cost of dinners

Option 2: FAWEC Small Circle
Content: 8 dinners with my circle + 3 to 4 large circle dinners / year with the full group
    o Be a member of the FACCSF
    o Enroll in the FAWEC program small circle program: read the requirements & commitment here.
    o Membership entrepreneur minimum
    o Annual FAWEC Small & Large circle fee: $530, covering the cost of all dinners


Beyond the "Green" wave, sustainability not only guarantees long term business performances, but also leads to new market opportunities and cost savings.

The Committee organizes 2 conferences each year. Every year in November, it organizes an event with the French Cleantech Open and Netva.

Committee Chair: Ms. Chloe Soroquere, Vera Vista Business Solutions 


The ExecAn Committee was created considering the fact that CEOs are always alone.

Every other months, the 3rd Monday of the month, French American CEOs meet and dine together to share best practices, discuss specific issues and enjoy a dinner at the Sofitel in Redwood City. 5 dinners are organized each year.

Committee Chair: Mr. Frederic Stemmelin, VP Business Dev. Symphony


There is not just one Valley in the Bay Area! The Napa Valley and its endless vineyards have a lot to offer, including new ways of doing business and marketing in the food and wine industry.

Events organized each year: 2 networking events, 1 to 2 conferences, luncheons in partnership with Wines & Vines Magazine & La Soirée.


Silicon Valley, the cradle of internet startups is the perfect place to be up to date on what is happening in the high tech world. It is also the perfect place to be lost with tens of startups created every day... We help you to get a clearer picture!

The committee is driven by high-level people working in the High Tech industry in the Bay Area. 2 to 3 events are organized each year.

Committee Chair: Mr. Bertrand Cariou, Trifacta.


This Committee aims at organizing conferences to discuss important topics critical for our future. Fields in the scope of the Committee include Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience, Health Sciences....

It also promotes other organizations' events fitted to our Membership and Calendar.
2 to 3 conferences are organized each year.

Committee Chair: Anita Melikian, Founder & Principal, BioXb


Committee Co-Chairs: Ms. Laura Guèye, Atelier Emmanuel and Ms. Alexia Cornu, Personal Training

The FACCSF Lifestyle Committee is dedicated to all lifestyle-focused industries: Fashion, Beauty, Wellness/Fitness, Art & Design, Travel & Hospitality etc.

It was built to:
•  Encourage the decision makers of the Bay Area lifestyle industry to meet, discuss, exchange ideas
•  Address the challenges of opening a local business (brick-and-mortar and/or online) and being a ‘non-tech’ entrepreneur
•  Access experts' advice on how to grow your business and share your experience



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    • TURO INC.
    • TV5 Monde
    • Talend
    • The Cosmo Company
    • The Vault Company
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    • Ubisoft
    • Upcall
    • VSG Chateau Potelle Winery
    • WI Harper Group
    • Winston & Strawn LLP
    • Yupana LLC

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