Trade Missions

The FACCSF provides services to French Companies that are interested in developing their business in Northern California, whether they are working individually or cooperatively with their local CCI or Region.

New in California? Want to settle your company in San Francisco, Napa or Silicon Valley? Contact the FACCSF team for a tailor-made proposition!

FACCSF team will review your requirements, answer your questions and help you meet with the right people to help your project, thanks to a high quality network of CEOs, CPAs, Lawyers, Serial Entrepreneurs, VCs.

Steps of prospective missions with FACCSF:

  • Step 1: Defining targeted client portfolio (FACCSF & company)

  • Step 2: Creation of a prototype agenda according to the clients' locations (FACCSF)

  • Step 3: Phoning & emailing with prospects to make appointments (FACCSF)

  • Step 4: Confirmation and special requests for appointments: equipment, special employees (FACCSF)

  • Step 5: Drawing up a presentation with contacts' information, schedules (FACCSF)

  • Step 6: Reminder of schedule one week before appointments (FACCSF)

  • Step 7: Feedbacks overview with reports of the mission (FACCSF & company)

A few references:

They trusted us:

"The FACCSF team did a great job scheduling my professional appointments in North America - mostly Canada & California. The timing was perfect and the interaction with the team allows me to keep an eye on my prospection agenda. This well-balanced working environment helps me to efficiently prepare my arrival. For sure, I will work again with the FACCSF team for my upcoming prospection trips"
Fabrice Debarge, Sales Manager, TVPAINT DEVELOPPEMENT

"I was very satisfied with the organization and caliber of contacts that [the Chamber] had developed for me. In such a short span of time, I was able to benefit from a program that was both efficient and an extremely rich learning experience. For medium/small sized businesses, this element is critical... Your warm welcome and enthusiasm truly elevated the trade mission."

"We would like to thank the FACCSF for the organization of the mission for our Senior Management team. We found the appointments extremely interesting and well targeted with our needs. We met the right partners: Safeway, Visa, PayPal, Pay by Touch, etc. and we gained a better understanding of the American market. Since then, we have been focusing on best practices and have built great business relationships. Our thanks to you and your staff for this valuable mission! Best Regards,"
Damien Guermonprez, CEO, BANQUE ACCORD

“We appreciated the organization, and the follow up during the trip ; The FACCSF is really involve to deliver the best service to their customers. The selection of visit was well done and useful. The french students learned a lot about new technologies and dynamism of the eco system in the valley.”
Jean-Louis Raynaud, Directeur EDHEC Programme Dirigeant Advanced Management Programme, EDHEC BUSINESS SCHOOL - PARIS CAMPUS 

"The FACCSF allowed us to organise a learning expedition that differed somewhat from the norm. As a result, our managers enjoyed more open discussions and complete availability of the people they met. The responsiveness and availability of the FACCSF teams should be highlighted, since this trip was arranged in record time."
Géraldine Olivier, Responsable Etudes Marketing, MOBIVIA GROUPE

"Amazing trip, extremely well organized and so full of learning. Companies visits and speeches were perfect and we gained so much from them. We achieved everything what we aimed for before leaving for the Bay Area."


Interested in a trade mission ?
Please contact us for a tailor-made program.

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