Business booster

Learn to start and grow your business!

The Business Booster is a 7 year-old program. Each booster is composed of essential workshops that provide keys to jumpstart or grow a business.

This program is a great opportunity to join a network of high-level experts

  • The goal is to discover and understand the challenges of the American market through targeted meetings with experts of relevant industries.
  • Tailor-made: we can organize up to 8 workshops in a week or less depending on your availability and needs.


"Thank you again for a great edition, the program is really very interesting with real content and efficient speakers that master and share their experience. This is very valuable. I will recommend the program in the future."
Philippe Nicolas, Scality

"The FACCSF Business Booster is a unique opportunity to work with outstanding experts on every aspect of a compagny's development in the US. As an entrepreneur I receive extremely useful feedback on various business issues such as the company's presentation or the financial and legal aspects, which leads to a better understanding of the US market, and therefore to a better management. Thanks a lot for organizing the business booster!"

Edouard Haag, co-founder, Kubosphere

"It is only when I started the Business Booster first meeting that I realized how valuable this program is. I have found highly skilled people that helped me to cover all the dimensions of my business. I am feeling much more prepared than ever before. For anyone who wants to start business in the Californian market, this program is the definite way to success".
John Gabaix, VP Business development, Equinoa

"When I started the business booster program, I was a young entrepreneur dealing with my startup, an organic cosmetics company. My business plan was almost finalized but at the same time I wasn't ready to be in front of a panel of experts. After 8 weeks of one-on-one support in communication, marketing, legal, finance and business development I learned to be challenged by professionals. The program offered me the chance to enlarge my network of entrepreneurs and potential investors and sharpened my approach to building value in my business. Thank you to the remarkable team of the FACCSF".
Karine J. Wittmer, CEO, Kael Cosmetics

Discover the programs of our previous Business Booster sessions

2015 (Fall) 

2015 (Spring)



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