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Our mission

The French-American Chamber of Commerce (FACC) Foundation of San Francisco was launched in 2015 for the specific purpose of supporting French-American educational programs by sponsoring the training and education of the next generation of French-American entrepreneurs and business leaders in multiple industry sectors.

Through its “French-American Scholarship Program”, the FACCSF Foundation provides financial support to French students seeking to pursue business, engineering and food & wine education in the U.S., and to American students who wish to pursue a graduate degree in similar-related disciplines in France.

Working with educational partners in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and in France, the Foundation strives to provide additional financial support to the next generation of French-American leaders who will shape tomorrow’s French-American business relationships in Food & Wine, Business and Engineering sectors.

Scholarship Funding Programs

Since its inception, the Foundation has raised funding through the FACCSF yearly signature event, La Soiree, to provide small scholarships to Food & Wine students currently enrolled in local programs. As we design new scholarship programs to fund students pursuing business and engineering programs in California and in France, the Foundation is planning fundraising events to raise additional funds for the new scholarship programs.

Current Scholarship Recipients

The last two years’ scholarship recipients were selected both through a culinary and wine competition held in the Fall of each year.

The food scholarship competition is organized in partnership with Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and Chef Tim Grable. Full-time students in good standing, from the college are selected through by an application process and compete during La Soiree in November in front of the event attendees. Students compete in teams of 2. The top prize awarded is $2,000 split evenly between the team members and the second prize is $1,000, also split between the team members. The scholarships are awarded directly to the students.

The Wine scholarship competition is organized in partnership with the French Association of Wine Executives, Tonnellerie Radoux and Wines & Vines. 20 Wine students compete in a blind tasting in early November and the top four are invited to the final round held during La Soiree. The prizes/scholarships are as follows:

·      First prize: $1,000

·      Second prize: $500

·      Third prize: $300

·      Fourth prize: $100

See below the winners of the 2015 and 2016 competitions.

Scholarship Programs

The Foundation is in the process of identifying various school partners and defining the specifics of the business and engineering scholarship programs as well as redesigning the Food & Wine scholarship programs. New guidelines and partners will be available by summer 2017. Please stay tuned!

Foundation Board Members

The current Foundation board members are as follows:

President: Frédéric Stemmelin

Vice-President: Chloé Soroquère

Treasurer: Nathalie Auber

Secretary: Eve Chaurand

Board Member at large: Eric Brisson

Board Member at large: Roland Passot

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions at: foundationboard@faccsf.com

The FACCSF Foundation - a 501(c) (3) nonprofit public benefit corporation for education

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