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Start and grow your company with a Business Booster!


Our Business Booster service is simply built for you to discover the U.S. as a potential market for your business and a place to launch the start of your company. Le Booster also helps you explore new opportunities in the area and tackle the Californian market for a company already settled in the US.


The FACCSF will build a tailor-made program – ranging from 1 to 15 days – including meetings and workshops for you to meet the best experts of each relevant industry and touch base on all aspects of your project such as legal, financial, marketing, PR, strategy, fundraising, etc.

You will meet these experts one on one and will be provided with personal feedback as well as be introduced to our French-American corporate community.


Because of our long experience in fostering business relationships, we have built a large pool of contacts in all industries that we’ll reach out to to help you start your debut in the Bay area.


Costs for LeBooster may vary on the goals you want to achieve, the number of meetings you need and the length of your program.

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We worked together in 2019

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