Trade Missions


The FACCSF provides a wide array of services to companies and corporates that are looking into creating new business opportunities in Northern California, whether they are expanding existing business or starting new activities in the area.


The FACCSF creates with you a custom-made program that helps you address your challenges in the Bay Area. Together, we define the targets and impact of the mission for you and your team. Trade missions are a way for corporate groups to generate new ideas, to gain insights on innovation in their fields and unlock new possibilities for their business.


Through our extensive connections, you and your company are able to meet potential partners and connect with companies relevant to your project.  You receive new ideas and opportunities, helping you meet your goals.


What does this program bring to you?

With our help, you will be able to accelerate your company’s development, integrate new ideas into the Bay area, in addition to surrounding yourself by a highly qualified networking circle.


Here are some steps we follow to get your program started…

  1. The FACCSF team and your company will sit down and discuss a potential list of contacts or relevant companies that are valuable to you.
  2. Our team will create a custom-made agenda/program according to the agreed upon contacts.
  3. Create appointments for you by contacting prospects and setting the track(s).
  4. Custom brochure/schedule with list of speakers’ bios and all relevant information about meeting dates and locations.
  5. FACCSF team and you will finish off with a feedback overview, potentially including surveys regarding the mission.



Use the button below to let us know how we can help you lead an exciting Trade Mission in the Bay Area.


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