Why the Bay Area


What is the Bay Area?

The San Francisco Bay Area is a region in Northern California that encompasses a little under 7000 square miles and includes counties such as Santa Clara, Napa and San Francisco. Deeper into the crescent of the bay, including cities from San Francisco down to San Jose, and up to Berkeley, is what we call the Silicon Valley. This Valley is the utmost center for technology and serves as a global center for innovation, production, and social media. Additionally, the San Francisco Bay Area is a Northern California commercial hub and meeting point for those coming from both East and West, as well as its neighboring countries.


A few stats about the Bay… or Why the Bay?

The Bay Area is an appealing and growing center for tech enthusiasts. With a little over 7 million residents, our French occupants have been increasing over the years. According to the French consulate, the number of French residents has reached a peak of 60,000 in the year 2019. This number is not surprising when it’s compared to the number of startups or companies that successfully debut in the Bay, often regarded as one of the top places to start a company due to its capital, resources/knowledge, and its culture of risk taking.


  • California’s GDP: $3.0 trillion USD (2018)
  • Today there are numerous French companies in the Bay Area, but additionally a growing amount of French engineers topping at around 20,000 that come to work in technology enterprises in California.
  • According to Silicon Valley News, on average, 50 new tech companies launch each month in the Bay Area.
  • Additionally, in just 2014 alone, there were a little under 1600 self-identified“angel investors” or individuals providing capital to help fund a startup.



It is important to note that the Bay Area comes with a complete “business ecosystem” as well as a wide array of resources and knowledge made available and easily accessible to anyone. The Bay Area welcomes all entrepreneurs that are not only excellent in tech but those who are well educated and passionate about food & wine as well as hospitality.


This dynamic ecosystem is filled with motivated investors, active and prospective partners, and everything you would need in order to quickly start up your business today. Additionally, there are countless of incubators and accelerators, such as our own member, Plug and Play. These qualities are here to boost and create your network as well as support you as you begin this journey of starting up your company in the Bay Area.


What is FACCSF doing for the Bay Area?

The FACCSF is a nonprofit organization that fosters and engages the French American business community. It connects entrepreneurs, founders and executives across all industries present in North California, from tech, food, the wine and hospitality industries, through more than a hundred events per year.


To Go Further

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