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Can we lower the Earth's temperature while increasing our food resources?


Can we lower the Earth's temperature while increasing our food resources?

Yes, we can! It can be done by improving carbon sequestration in rangeland, agriculture, and forest soils through applied research and implementation.

Beyond sequestering carbon, which is a massively necessary endeavor, the large-scale application of carbon farming techniques has the potential to transform agriculture in many other ways, increasing productivity as well as our relationship with the land.  How can we help support and implement this amazing soil solution to global climate change?


Join us on Tuesday, September 19th for a discussion with John Wick, co-owner of the Nicasio Native Grass Ranch and co-founder of the Marin Carbon Project

John will tell us about the miraculous power of "compost" and the extensive studies and research that has been conducted on this topic and its applications.


Thank you to Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange for hosting us for the event!


John Wick

Co-owner of the Nicasio Native Grass Ranch & co-founder of the Marin Carbon Project

Rancher John Wick is a pioneer in managing grasslands to remove carbon from the atmosphere and hold it in the soil. He co-founded the Marin Carbon Project to demonstrate and promote agricultural practices that improve soil health and lessen climate change. Increasing soil carbon automatically increases soil water-holding capacity, plant production, and overall ecosystem function. Six years of peer-reviewed and published research support the methods used in Marin to manage working landscapes that produce healthy food and durable fiber while enhancing soil carbon and fostering high biodiversity and thriving native plant communities.


Here's a great article in the New York Times about t John Wick and the experiment he ran on his ranch: 

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