Edition 3: France Vs. California: what's next in the food industry?

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The FACCSF in partnership with Challenges is glad to introduce the 3rd live panel session of the series: France Vs. California: what's next?


What are the trends and predictions on both sides of the Atlantic? 


Coronavirus is affecting businesses across industries and across the globe, and the food industry is no exception both in France & in California. To know more about what is going on in the food industry, we have invited three leaders from both sides to discuss the next trends.  

Among many topics, our guests will share their opinion on:  

  • How is the crisis currently impacting the food business?
  • What they are seeing in their communities and how they have been affected?
  • How retailers and delivery platforms are pivoting their businesses?
  • Marketing and sales strategy in the food industry: what are the differences between both ecosystems?
  • How is technology transforming the food industry? ...

For this 3rd Edition, we have the honor to invite you to join an exclusive live discussion between:  

This panel is organized in partnership with Challenges. It will be moderated by its Editor in Chief: Gilles Fontaine



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