H.C.L.S Winter Lunch Meeting

Cafe de la Presse, 352 Grant Avenue, 94108, San Francisco, CA
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Event ended.

Join Anita Melikian and Thomas Celerier, the FACCSF H.C.L.S* Club chairs for a Winter Lunch in San Francisco!

This Event is by invitation only.

If you want to join, please request your invitation sending an email to Events(@)faccsf.com



The goal of the H.C.L.S* Club is to create a community of Healthcare and Life Sciences practitioners, operating in the Bay or internationally with ties to France, Europe and/or the Bay Area.

The HCLS* Club's activities will be:

-Creating connections and sharing best practices, thought leadership, informal advice, and exchanging referrals,

-Meeting periodically to discuss important developments in the industry that affect the club members and H.C.L.S* companies in general

-Developing webinars for FACCSF members to inform them about H.C.L.S* topics that may be of interest to them, and to promote the expertise of the H.C.L.S* Club members.


*HCLS = Health Care & Life Sciences

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