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Join our Friday Stories with Maxime Pouvreau, founder of Petit Pot.


Each Friday, hear a story from one of our members, discover their news and projects!

JOIN us on Instagram for 10 minutes live interview with our special guest Maxime Pouvreau, founder of Petit Pot.


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About Maxime Pouvreau

From the first moment he helped his mother bake a cake as a child in a village in southwest France, Maxime knew he wanted to be a pastry chef. What kid wouldn’t want to spend all day making delicious desserts? More importantly, Maxime knew nothing puts a smile on a person’s face faster than a sweet treat, and he made it his mission in life to ensure everyone left the dinner table grinning ear to ear. After years of working and training with exceptional chefs throughout Europe, Maxime brought his pastry prowess to the San Francisco Bay Area. By founding Petit Pot he gets to share a little taste of his French home and spread a few more smiles in America.


About Petit Pot

Back in 2014, while trying to find the perfect dessert to go with dinner, Maxime saw something was missing on American grocery store shelves: Pot de Crème! Though a traditional dessert in France, this sweet, creamy pudding is relatively unknown in America. As a fan of all things sweet Maxime knew he had to fix this, and so he started Petit Pot in San Francisco to bring not only Pot de Crème but a whole line of delicious desserts to satisfy any American sweet tooth. Maxime combined his knowledge of French pastries with California’s quality cuisine market to produce authentic French desserts the way they’re meant to be enjoyed: with a smile.


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