Banque Transatlantique

Banque Transatlantique is deeply involved among the French community abroad

Could you describe the activities of CIC Banque Transatlantique? Who are your clients?

Founded in 1881, Banque Transatlantique is one of France’s most established private banks. We specialize in private banking, financing and investment management services (through our Investment Advisory Firm here in the US, Transatlantique Private Wealth) mostly for French and American clients based in the US. We specialize in understanding the specific  needs and objectives of U.S. persons with a French-American footprint. Our depth of experience, combined with our tailored service, makes us the award-winning global private bank we are today.

Our clients here in the US are US Persons who need support, advice and asset management with an advisor who perfectly understands the French and US’s specificities.


When did you set up an office in California and why SF?

Transatlantique Private Wealth’s office was first opened here in 2017. SF was an obvious pick for us as we were seeing more and more French Nationals moving in the Bay area as well as a growing interest from US Nationals in investing in France and therefore in the need of an advisor here by their side. After NYC, and before Boston, San Francisco was chosen to be our west coast base.


What are your development plans, both in the Bay Area and in the US?

Transatlantique Private Wealth and Banque Transatlantique Representative Office are two growing US structures, part of one of the most solid Banking Group in Europe (Credit Mutuel Alliance Federale). The support provided by our group helps us in developing the services our clients need where they need it. Increasing our offering and making sure that all our clients’ needs are met is our primary objective.

In addition, Credit Mutuel Alliance Federale is known as the bank of 1/3 of the companies in France. In that context, we are also working on being able to address the willingness of the smaller and more innovative companies who are looking to expand and develop their activities here in the US. Our group is looking forward to be alongside the more innovative companies. Our support could take different forms, from partnerships to establish a line of credit and even some equity investing or technological support. 


Can you tell us more about recent projects / initiatives supported by Banque Transatlantique?

For 6 years, Banque Transatlantique has been one of the sponsors of the annual ceremony of “Awards for French expatriates” organized by the online media Given that, it has founded this year the first Observatory of Expatriation, in collaboration with the survey institute Opinionway and the French non-profit organization Union des Français de l’étranger (Organization for French expatriates). Through an annual survey, it aims both at delivering data and insights into the French diaspora and changing common perception of this population. Thus it helps demonstrate in which way French expatriates contributes to France’s influence in the world. 

As part of its philanthropic commitment, Banque Transatlantique supports Institut Curie, one of Europe’s leading cancer research centers, and Fondation de la Mer (Foundation for the Sea), which contributes to the study and ocean conservation. Banque Transatlantique also aspires to foster family and corporate philanthropy. Therefore it has created the non-profit organization Fonds de Dotation Transatlantique (Transatlantic Endowment Fund), which acts as an incubator in favor of philanthropy. In 2019, thanks to its generous donors, the Fund has given more than €1 million to 50 organizations supporting social and professional integration, medical care, and access to drinking water.


How do you support the French-American community?

Banque Transatlantique is deeply involved among the French community abroad. It has long-standing relationships with French local institutions, the network of French schools abroad, and organizations bringing assistance to French expatriates. Over the years we provided a continuous support to nonprofits in connection with the French-American community. As you know, we have been supportive to the FABA since the first edition but we are also supporting the Theatre du Lycee Francais here in SF, helping the tremendous work of @FredericPatto. As our group launched the “Mention Tres Bien” in France and also in places like Hong Kong, Singapour, Montreal…, we thought it would be an concept to duplicate here in the US. We can easily say that highlighting the greatest achievers for the French Baccalaureat is a very well appreciated event by our community. Because we cannot support all the great initiatives over the  years we have to make choices also but we have been involved with the FACSSF, trying to make a bridge between Culture and Tech. Back in France, Banque Transatlantique seats at the board of the French American Foundation and at the board of the American Chamber of Commerce in France @Vincentjoulia.   


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