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Groskopf Warehouse & Logistics

"Leading by example" - Taking a family business to the next level in the Napa Valley Guillaume Crété, President of Groskopf Warehouse & Logistics

Can you tell us the story of Groskopf in a few words? 
Groskopf was created in 1939 by Charles E. Groskopf to transport lumber and other construction materials. As the wine industry prospered in Sonoma and Napa, Groskopf gradually moved towards specializing in storage and transportation of wine-related product. In 2004 Jaguar Properties Corporation took over Groskopf and brought in capital and management expertise to revitalize and redefine the company strategy and culture.
Today Groskopf operates in 3 buildings, two in Sonoma and one in American Canyon. It stores approximately 1.6 million cases for its warehouse customers and moves over 2 million cases annually for its logistics customers. Note: Jaguar Properties Corporation is our family business which owns and operates real estate assets. Groskopf Warehouse & Logistics is a Division of Jaguar.
What are your services today and who are your clients?                                           
Groskopf offers two main types of services: Warehousing and Logistics/Consolidation.
Groskopf has approximately 300 warehouse customers, 75% of which are local (Sonoma/Napa), the rest being international. We offer these wineries and importers a full range of services, that include storage, trucking, labeling, repacking, Direct to Consumer (DTC) and Direct to Retailer (DTR) shipping solutions.
Groskopf has around 100 logistics customers, mainly US distributors and US and Canadian Control Boards, to whom we offer consolidation services for their Californian wine orders.
What separates you from your competition? 
Four main reasons that contribute to separating Groskopf from its competitors:

  • First, our strong culture, anchored on values that all employees embrace and live by: honesty, integrity and accountability. Our Company motto, “how may I serve you?” is also very much a part of our culture and is deeply rooted in the cooperation spirit within our staff members, as well as in the everyday interactions with our customers.
  • Second, the quality of our employees. We truly care about our employees’ happiness, well-being and safety. We support our staff, even outside the work environment, and believe in investing in their training and fostering their growth. In return, our staff is fully dedicated, loyal, accountable and determined to perform and to please our customers. This makes Groskopf a fun environment to work in and a fun company to work with.
  • Third, our experienced management team. The management team is made up of outstanding leaders, experts in their respective fields who are fully dedicated to their staff and to their company, and who truly embody the full meaning of “leading by example”.
  • Fourth, our quality of service. Groskopf’s years of expertise, full range of services, quality of staff, on-going training programs, strategic locations, service-driven philosophy and commitment to the highest standards of ethics are the reasons for its unrivaled quality of service in its field of business. Our company strategy has always been to be the best provider in the industry, rather than the largest, and our customers testimonies attest to that.

How can you support the French-American community here in the Bay Area and vice-a versa? 
Being myself both French and American, automatically connects me and even binds me to the French-American community. In addition, the wine industry is for obvious historical reasons deeply intertwined between France and the US, particularly California. My company brings in a wine-related storage and logistics experience to the existing FACCSF impressive portfolio of companies. I am confident that getting to know the different wine players will lead to common interests, opportunities and synergies that all of us can capitalize on.

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