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Trade secrets - Growth, GDPR and Full Sandbox Anonymization application for Salesforce Sovan Bin - Founder & CEO of Odaseva

Could you please describe Odaseva in a few words?

For enterprises that leverage Salesforce as a mission-critical application, Odaseva delivers enterprise-class data governance providing data privacy for regulation requirements such as GDPR, data protection (backup and recovery, archiving and governor limits monitoring), and data operations (Salesforce DX data extensions). Currently Odaseva supports over a trillion documents. Odaseva was engineered for Salesforce by Salesforce experts and is endorsed by Salesforce Ventures. Over 10+ Million Salesforce Enterprise users from industry-leading companies such as Schneider Electric, Heineken and Robert Half trust Odaseva's data governance platform.

What can you tell us about your new Full Sandbox Anonymization application for Salesforce? 

The first of its kind, Odaseva's Full Sandbox Anonymization application (FSA) works with Odaseva's platform to anonymize all personal information in an organization's Salesforce Full Sandbox, an isolated copy of its Salesforce environment that can be used for development and testing, in just one click. With strict data privacy laws such as GDPR, protecting consumer data is more important than ever. Organizations must safeguard consumer data in both live and test environments, to ensure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

You recently achieved a record, triple growth, after announcing an impressive Series A funding, congratulations! How did you get there and what is next?

Odaseva's explosive growth is in part due to the influx of new data privacy and governance laws such as GDPR, demanding that businesses put in place specific regulations such as Data Subject Rights (which stipulates that consumers have the right to access their own private information) and leverage more robust data governance solutions to shield and manage private customer information. Odaseva, which began in 2012 with one client, Schneider Electric, has rapidly increased its enterprise customer base including Toyota France, Robert Half International and GE, offering organizations the ability to augment their existing cloud data protection solutions.
Odaseva's recent $11.7m Series A funding round (which brought the total funding for Odaseva to $14 million) was led by Partech with participation from new investor Salesforce Ventures and existing investor Serena. These new investments have allowed Odaseva to direct a portion of the new funding to build on existing sales, increase the company's geographical influence beyond Europe and North America and go after the biggest global customers on earth.

After over a year of GDPR, what do you think have been the implications of this regulation on data protection in Europe and the US?

Regulations like GDPR are forcing companies to look at data protection holistically. GDPR has defined the industry and doesn't just include data protection, but also spans the gamut from DRaaS to back-up to managing new data rights such as the right to have personal data deleted. Data protection is not just backup but also global data governance now.
GDPR has inspired the creation of the upcoming California regulation, CCPA which will go into effect on January 1, 2020. Both GDPR and CCPA are designed to offer strong protection for individuals regarding their personal data. GDPR validated the importance of checking data access points within an organization. Enterprises often find that more users have access to data than they think. Monitoring data flow and usage to ensure only authorized individuals have access to personal information is key to compliance.
GDPR has highlighted the importance for organizations in both the US and Europe to take compliance seriously and ensure their organization is ready to comply with current and future regulations. GDPR also validated the importance of adopting data governance solutions.

What are your ties with the French community in the Bay Area, and what does this network bring Odaseva as a business? 

Odaseva is proud to be a benefactor member of the FACCSF. Odaseva's chief legal officer, Richard Zolezzi, currently serves as a board member and treasurer of the FACCSF. 

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