Helping European companies setup in the Bay Area, from accounting to financial decisions - Baptiste Dubois, Branch Manager - ORCOM KVB

Could you tell us about ORCOM KVB and your own role?

ORCOM KVB is a US-based accounting and tax services firm with American Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and French diplomes Experts-comptables (French CPA licensees). Our team located in New York, Boston and San Francisco assists entrepreneurs and international businesses to expand their business in the US by providing legal, administrative, tax and accounting services. We also provide tax planning services and optimization of personal tax situations for individuals.

My role as branch manager in San Francisco is to support the U.S. operations of our clients in California. I have been working for ORCOM KVB for 4 years, our mission is to provide our clients the best accounting and tax support and help them expand their business in the US and focus on their core business.

With clients spanning all industries and sizes, how do you contribute to their growth in the US?

Developing a business in the US consists to overpass a lot of new challenges and crossing borders means to expand to a new market, attracting new customers, seizing new opportunities and developing in an environment full of competition.  For over 15 years, we, ORCOM KVB have been assisting more than 600 companies, through our expertise in U.S. regulations, our insights of the U.S business environment and our networks of experts. We are contributing to their growth by providing tailor-made services from tax and accounting support to domiciliation, administration and business operations management services. They are ready to face most of the challenges from day 1 to start their business without worrying about tax, accounting, and human resource compliance.

You partnered with ORCOM in 2017. How has this made KVB and its services evolve, and how to you take advantage of their network?

KVB joined ORCOM Group in 2017 in order to offer a broader network to our clients. With over 11,000 clients and 1,200 employees across all continents, ORCOM is one of the most growing accounting firms in France. Today we can help our clients expand their businesses worldwide through the offices in China, London, Paris. We are also helping the US companies to expand their businesses in Europe.

What are your development plans, both in the Bay Area and in the US?

In the next few weeks and months, we will organize some events in San Francisco to give some accounting and tax insights for individuals and businesses. The topics will focus on how to manage your assets in France if you file a tax return in the US, what are the impact of recent changes on sales tax laws and how to manage transfer pricing between France and the US… The best place to get information on the next development is to follow us on LinkedIn.

The goal of the group is to expand services to the French community in San Francisco and the bay area and we are also planning to open new offices in other states.

It’s tax season! What advice do you have for entrepreneurs planning to setup their business in the Bay Area, and what are the common pitfalls they should avoid?

Filing tax could be very intimidating in the US, for entrepreneurs and individuals with transactions between France and the US. It’s very important to work with experts knowing both regulations. The requirements and regulations are increasing, risks should not be underestimated since the consequence could be significant. The most common pitfalls for individuals are to not reports their assets or incomes from France on their U.S tax Return. For businesses, the most common mistakes are to not report transactions with foreign related entity (subsidiary, parent company...) on form 5472 or missing eventual tax credits and new important tax deductions (FDII, R&D Credit…)

How do you see your role in the French-American community?

Through our events or services, we try to embrace the community by giving support to individuals and businesses. We are proud of being a benefactor member of the FACCSF, supporting the French community is very important for us and we look forward to keeping up! We also welcome Americans to enhance their business development in France and across Europe.

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