Counselor Membership - $1,950


Access to the FACCSF events for free or at preferential rates.






Visibility of your company in our monthly newsletter, on our website and social networks. 





A half-page description of your company in our Professional Services Directory. 





Access to ALL corporate services: Career Center, "Meet The Expert" trainings, Trade Missions and Advertising. 





Access to advertising opportunities on the first French webmagazine in the US, French Morning San Francisco with a 50% discount*. 







Visibility in the Online Membership Directory. Access to over 5.000 contacts across all international CCI chapters.





Access to J-1 Visa services: the FACCSF sponsors your trainees or interns for corporate missions. 









* Only applicable for a very 1st campaign trial with French Morning. Not applicable for members already working with French Morning.

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