Corporate Services

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The FACCSF provides a wide variety of corporate services, to help you in all aspects of your business needs. These corporate services are available to all businesses and individuals; however our members can benefit from discounted prices.

If you have any enquiries about our corporate services, please contact us at

Explore and prospect

These prospection services help Corporates better understand the distinctive culture of innovation in Northern California, while assessing the potential of settling a business in the area.

Explore business opportunities, come with a group of executives or students, as an entrepreneur or an explorer, and leave with unique business leads and insights on one of the most dynamic ecosystem in the world.

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Set up your company

Have you decided to set up your company, open a subsidiary or create a startup in the San Francisco Bay area,
and use San Francisco as a regional base to grow in the United States?

We guide you every step of the way, to make it easy, quick and successful!

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Develop your activity

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