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Join us for an Instagram Live interview with our Member: Charlene Esquivel, Founder of La planche a fromage


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About Charlene Esquivel

From Paris Region, Charlene has a background as a cook, trained at the school Ferrandi, she has been working in Michelin star restaurant in Paris before arriving in the Bay Area in 2014 and start a catering company specializing in crepes. 

In 2018 after having 2 kids she stopped despite the company doing well. 

This year, as life start to get back the way it was, she launched a new Co-op catering company to realize a lifelong goal, selling cheese, the right way, and introducing all kinds of cheeses to and American market, passionate about it but often who didn't get to taste much variety.  "La Planche a Fromage" and specialized in cheese and charcuterie board for all kinds of events with local as much as imported cheeses




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