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JOIN our Friday Stories with Isabelle Marcus, C.E.O. of Columbus Consulting Group.


Each week hear a story from one of our members, discover their news and projects! JOIN us this Friday on Instagram for 10 minutes live interview with our special guest Isabelle Marcus, C.E.O. of Columbus Consulting Group.

>>> How to participate? <<<

  1.  Follow us on instagram: @faccsf 
  2. Connect this Friday at 12:30 PM and join the LIVE

Isabelle Marcus is the founder and CEO of Colombus Consulting Group. They assist individuals, multinationals, start-ups, Artists and entrepreneurs in all industries (such as Fashion, Advertising, Entertainment, IT Consulting, Production, Publishing, BioTech, Food industry...) to respond to their mobility needs in the United States, set-up and develop their business. The offer individually tailored assistance, offering advice and developing your business in collaboration with the entirety of our network in the US composed of highly skilled Experts and Attorneys.


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